Links -- History of the Republican Party

Definition of the Republican Party including its history and principles

Michigan Republican Party including history.  The first official Republican meeting took place on July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan with David S. Walbridge serving as chairman.

National Black Republican Association

The Frederick Douglass Foundation and Blacks & the Grand Old Party

Frederick Douglass Republicans

The Proud History of the Republican Party - YouTube Video 

A History of the Republican Party - from the C-SPAN Video Library

Links to other Republican and Conservative Sites

The Ruth Report - Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's website designed to encourage public input as she works to reform and streamline agency operations. Libertarian & Conservative commentary, news and links. A valuable resource for staying up to date. A huge wealth of information. In order to lead the Grand Old Party to greatness once again, fresh young faces need to step up and take the lead. We are young, active Republicans with real political experience, and we are ready and willing to be a part of the process.

GOP USA bringing the conservative message to America

House Republican Conference interesting facts about the Republican vs. Democrat platforms, including how much a Democratic majority in the House is costing us as taxpayers and individually.

Michigan Votes the Michigan Legislature made easy for the average citizen. Search legislation; check legislator voting records; and get e-mail updates as bills that affect you move through the system.

Republicans for Family Values dedicated to supporting pro-natural-family and pro-life values in the GOP, fulfilling the party's conservative platform.

"That's Saul Folks". Michigan Republican Party Blog Blog Blog

RealClearPolitics Blog

Mackinac Center RSS Feed

Drudge Report

Annenberg Political Fact A resource for the latest Michigan based political news and commentary.

Rebuild the A 10-Point Action Plan to Modernize and Strengthen the Republican Party

Grand Old Partisan blog that celebrates the heritage of the Republican Party

Republican for a Reason grassroots web site. The Republican Party has always been the Party of hope and the Party of ideas. Reflect on the reasons why you are a proud Republican. Please tell us what you would like to see the Party focus on and address in the coming weeks and months.

Young Run Conservative Radio Network a look at the world of politics and society in general from a no nonsense Young Gun Conservative. In order to lead the Grand Old Party to greatness once again, fresh young faces need to step up and take the lead. We are young, active Republicans with real political experience.

Michigan Conservative Union  - The Michigan Conservative Union has a long history in Michigan politics.  The MCU was re-established in 2010 as a means of providing a forum for conservatives in our state.  The primary focus of the MCU is the Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference (MI-CPAC).

Voices of America - Grassroots, non-partisan individuals with a mission to enable like-minded individuals and groups throughout the nation by educating them about Neighborhood/Precinct Organizing Best Practices with a goal to have them gain more political clout and win elections. Website is not affiliated with any Party, nor are candidates endorsed.

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