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Welcome to the Huron County Republican Party!

A New Year Resolution for 2015 is to choose a resolution that is worth working for in the Huron County Republican Party and WIN GOP ELECTIONS IN 2016.

To choose a resolution that is worth working for and prosper, we must empower and earn the respect of our Republican leaders, old friends, new friends, Precinct Delegates, volunteers and youth for its integrity to principles.

Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution takes a lot of work. Without members, volunteers, precinct delegates, and financial support, we cannot follow through on the aggressive strategies that will elect and re-elect Republican leaders in Huron County and across Michigan.

My commitment to the Huron County Republican Party is to aggressively seek new members, improve communications and recruit volunteers so we can win 2016 elections. There are many opportunities for which a member of the Huron County Republican Party can help.  Donations, Precinct Leader, Precinct Delegate, working with our youth, door knocking, put a sign in your yard, writing letters to the editor, attend events, or work at the polls.  These positions are critical to the strength and outcome of elections. Huron County Republican Party membership is the muscle behind our party’s strength. 

If you are unhappy with the current administration and their bad policies, then it is time to take the pledge, make the New Year Resolution, join the Huron County Republican Party and help get our family, neighbors, and friends to the voting booths so we can make the necessary changes together and can get our country back on track, fulfilling its promise to a better life.

Join us at our meetings, every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Peppermill Restaurant in Bad Axe.

I’m proud to be a Republican!

Pete Schupe, Chair                 
Huron County Republican Party



Huron County GOP Elected Officials

County Clerk:   Lori Neal-Wonsowicz

Pros. Attorney:  Timothy J. Rutkowski

Sheriff:  Kelly Hanson

Treasurer:  Debra McCollum

Register of Deeds:  Sheri L. Stanton

Road Commissioner:  John Hunt

Huron County Board of Commissioners

  • District No. 1:  Sami Khoury
  • District No. 2:  David G. Peruski
  • District No. 3:  Clark Elftman
  • District No. 4:  Steven Vaughan (Republican nominee)
  • District No. 5:  John L. Bodis
  • District No. 6:  Ron Wruble
  • District No. 7:  John A. Nugent

Executive Committee Officers

Officers of the Huron County Republican Party Executive Committee:



  • Chair, Pete Shupe     email   
  • Vice Chair, June Schweitzer     email
  • Secretary, Tom Holdwick      email
  • Treasurer, Jerome Grammentz     email


Please contact one of the above with questions, comments and suggestions. Thanks for supporting the Republican party and our ideals! 


TARS (Teenage Republicans )

HCTARS photo

We have a great group of young people who have built an organization called Huron County Teenage Republicans (HCTARS)  HCTARS is not about being "red", is not about just supporting our party, it is experience, education, and friendship. We learn more from our experiences than in the classrooms, the hands on needs of politics. It has taught us to care about the occurrences in our legislature in both state and national affairs. We all work together to help our community and candidates. Together by gaining new experiences, knowledge, and work ethics, we can work for our party to help an organization that helped us.

Many of these young leaders are also representing the Michigan Republican Party as statewide TARS leaders.  Click here to learn more about the HCTARS.

Join Us

Click HERE to join as a member or make a donation. 


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